Our Structural team comes with an experience of working on projects across the world over decades in various sectors of the infrastructure and real estate development. Adapting newer techniques to provide stability, flexibility, durability, constructability, space efficiency and cost efficiency, considering different kinds of loads and natural challenges like earthquake, wind storms, flood etc. We work conforming to the codes, standards and good engineering practices. Our team delivers comprehensive services in all areas of structural design. We also carry-out proof-checking, structural audit and retrofitting for all structures. We fine-tune the structural engineering concepts early-on in the design stage, thus guaranteeing optimum feasibility and detailed good for construction drawings. Many years of experience and excellent know-how enable us to offer in-depth design and engineering, while always bearing in mind the economics of the project.


We offer all stages from high value concept to execution planning for projects like roads, highways, industrial parks, IT parks and townships. Townships require focus on integrated solutions for transportation, environment, water supply, utilities, sewage and drainage. For us, continuous value engineering as well as expert on-site supervision are of the utmost importance.


The construction industry has been facing a paradigm shift to (i) increase: productivity, efficiency, infrastructure value, quality and sustainability, (ii) reduce: life cycle costs, lead times and duplications, via effective collaboration and communication of stakeholders in construction projects. The BIM Methodology is technology based process to meet the objectives contributing towards Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and digital intelligent data. We believe in constructing the building virtually before it is actually built to improve the budget accuracy, resource planning, coordination amongst all stakeholders by validating the design, time and cost.


As an interdisciplinary team, we cover all areas of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting services. The team can likewise design complex systems from high- to low-voltage schemes and communications technology. With our holistic approach to building services technology, we offer an optimum integrated solution and therefore also enable a fine-tuned energy concept for the particular project. We also provide renewable energy systems particularly the solar power integration. HVAC and lighting accounts to a significant percentage of energy consumption in a built space. The MEP team comes in together at the very initial stage of design to increase occupant comfort, optimize energy-efficient outcomes and reduce life-cycle costs. Water conservation is the key to the future of our planet and we focus on all global design and systems availability to optimize water conservation.


The field of sustainable design is the need of the modern day and age. Our entire process takes into account every single detail of the Green Building concept, which can help save, economize, optimize without any compromise in the comfort of the user. This attention to detail goes from the envelope of the building all the way to the heart and its systems like MEP, thereby providing a holistic solution to our clientele. Our team with LEED AP, IGBC AP and professionals with deep experience consider holistic means of design and technology of the world for orientation, envelope energy modelling and daylight simulation, all the way to carbon credit integration. We have experience of projects certified by bodies like IGBC, GRIHA, LEED and other prestigious organizations.