We believe in creating spaces that enhance learning environments with optimum safety and security as well as increasing the business efficiency of the stakeholders. Our team understands the need of bringing flexible, state-of-the-art spaces for the continuously changing requirements over the life cycle of the institute and the campus. The design not only meets the statutory requirements of educational bodies like UGC, AICTE, MCI, COA, School Boards etc. but also enhances the brand of the institute and reduces operational cost of energy, water, maintenance and structural stability & flexibility making it a landmark project.


Spaces like Corporate Workplaces, Banks, Retail Complexes, Hotels, Entertainment Zones, Multiplexes etc. perform best when they are comfortable, and at the same time  meeting the challenge of constantly changing business environment. We work in alignment with the stakeholders to provide solutions that increases business value of the stakeholders and high performance through sustainable and customized needs for the owners and the users. Our team works on research based proven practices which meet global standards of space design.


With the acceptance of concepts like Smart Cities, Industrial Corridors, Infrastructure, Digital India, Make in India and other progressive initiatives, there is an upsurge in building technology in India. Our expertise and qualifications to associate with government bodies enables us to contribute to the development of the country. The organization structure, the policies and procedures and the security of such projects are important elements to understand and comply with.


With a team having delivered over millions of sq. ft. of projects over the years, we are adept at proper coordination of the activities which reduces the project time and cost by increasing the efficiency and improving on the quality. A township is built on three main principles – project duration, phasing and unpredictable nature of the market. Our experience in working on many township projects helps our clients in proper design and execution. The need for affordable housing in the country is extremely high and we design the homes which are elegant and fulfil all the requirements of the society at affordable cost.


Make in India, the vision of the government and the plan ahead paves a very vivid picture about the role of industries in the development of the country. The plans are immense and the people who can deliver par excellence are a few. We step in to deliver highly functional projects which demand operational efficiency, ease of maintenance, optimal cost and time for delivery. Our team has expertise into manufacturing plants across different sectors, be it pharmaceutical, bio-diesel, chemical, sugar, distillery, automobile, forging, fertilizer, steel, extrusion, textile, food industry, heavy engineering, paper and pulp and so on.


Healthcare facilities are the most critical buildings and require special design skills, tools, processes and experience. Medical norms and engineering-design implementation to create and maintain therapeutic, structural, infection control, fire safety, backup systems, medical gas systems, bio medical waste disposal and integrated building management systems and other critical parameters are an essential part of designing and executing a hospital with due considerations to the NABH and JCI guidelines. We believe hospitals to be one of the most sensitive facilities, so we take the users closer to the nature, designing it extremely sustainable, optimizing the overall healing of the patients and also helping the owners operate at highly energy efficient values.


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International School campus in Bengaluru

International School in Mumbai.

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